Sales, Divestitures & Demergers

With the opening up of the Indian economy, and the inflow of large multinational corporations, the businesses earlier protected by regulatory entry barriers are now faced with relentless competition. This has led to a virtual shakeout in almost all industries propagated with the “survival of the fittest theory” the weaker players have either opted to close shop or sell out.

Clients have used S.R.Dinodia & Co.’s Corporate Finance practice for analyzing their future strategic direction and eventually seeked assistance in its implementation. Working with our clients we start with the strategy and consider what the best options could be. We establish price expectations and realistic valuation parameters taking into account taxation and other industry norms to ensure the most beneficial structure for sale.

We also identify and assess prospective purchasers, nationally and internationally. We design the process to maximize proceeds for the vendor whether by competitive bidding or other methodologies.

Our approach involves our strengthen to nurture the core capabilities with a view to attain and sustain a leadership position in the market, aim at specialization, which may involve divesting from non-core investments and concentrating on the core competencies. We help our clients at every stage of the exercise keeping in mind the future and the opportunities it brings, by providing competent financial advice.