The CapitalConnect services offered by the Firm is through a good network of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Institutional, Angel and High Net-worth Individual investors that it works with globally to understand what each investor brings to the table and what they look for in potential investees.

Once we understand a client’s business and capital needs we will be able to find the right partner who brings more than just capital. We conduct a thorough analysis of the business, prepare the most relevant materials and run a systematic marketing process to find the best investor for our clients

We also assist in, advising corporations, institutions and sovereign entities on the structure of new debt issues and the refinancing of existing obligations, provide advice on refinancing of acquisitions to replace short – term finance with more efficient long – term solutions from the banking sector or the capital markets, help create and implement efficient financing, including both domestic and transnational leasing transactions and provide advice on refinancing of asset-based businesses and the design and financing of novel solutions in vendor financing.