Tax Review (Due Diligence)

Due Diligence is the analysis and appraisal of an entity in preparation for establishing a relationship with another entity, which involves business risk. The due diligence investigation is normally carried out with the knowledge and co-operation of the management of the entity being investigated.

The analysis of various taxes is one of the most complex areas that are encountered during an investigation. We provide expert tax advice through a highly qualified team which has in-depth knowledge, of the entity’s industry and of the tax nuances faced by it.

We also undertake assignments for tax investigations mandated by the various judicial bodies like the High Courts in various jurisdictions within India etc.

A due – diligence is usually a service that is offered in addition to the various services offered in the case of a merger, acquisition, or divesture, which usually involves an independent analysis and evaluation of relevant information to interpret financial, commercial and tax information in detail affecting  the financial performance of the entity, whether for the purpose of an investment or disinvestment