TaxConnect Services

Our TaxConnect services specializes in helping clients make informed decisions about their specific strategic / financial needs and discover optimal ways to effectively understand the challenges of the transactions for immediate and long-term benefits, whether it is in the arena of M&As, Divestures, Succession Planning or a review of their tax risks. The business scenario today, of increased litigation, legislation and regulation carry important compliance implications. Together they emphasize the need for an effective, dynamic and competent review of the  business decisions faced by entities.

We at S.R. Dinodia & Co. assist in the evaluation of the tax framework of the client, together with the tax and accounting consequences of the transactions by reviewing the work methodologies to ensure that they comply with the relevant regulatory pronouncements and judicial precedents. We bring sizeable value to a client’s drive for growth, competitiveness and profitability. Our dedicated team of tax experts work closely with the accountants, company secretaries, investment bankers, private equity investors and lawyers specializing in their respective areas, to provide well thought-out and effective solutions for our clients. We are driven by the objective of creating shareholder value and synergies for our clients through corporate tax strategy.