Double Tax Avoidance Advisory

Today all the businesses are continually challenged to manage the impact of multiple and ever-changing tax jurisdictions. The United Nations, the WTO and the developed nations of the world have all propagated free trade across all geographical barriers and the enhancement of economic development across all frontiers. The joint policy statements made by the heads of the Government of India and the various foreign countries encourage and emphasize the need for transparent cross border transactions. For this purpose the importance of double tax avoidance agreements has become utmost to prevent and mitigate the hardship that can be faced by individuals and companies alike by having to pay taxes in more than one jurisdiction globally. Cross border transactions help in strengthening and enlarging the scope of financial and non-financial activities leading to the achievement of targets of overall growth and prosperity.

Our endeavor is to advise our clients through all the stages of the cross border transactions to mitigate the hardship of double taxation by advising on the incidence of tax based on the nature of the income and expenditure incurred keeping as per the provisions of the Indian Tax laws and the provisions of the double tax avoidance agreements, withholding tax issues and the related compliances.