Cross Border Taxation

In today’s constantly changing global scenario, capital is always in search of lucrative opportunities and businesses are always aspiring to convert their potentials into capabilities. With liberalization playing a key role in Indian policies, it has led to a multitude of multinational companies entering India. Simultaneously Indian companies have established their presence in global markets and several companies have also been listed on overseas bourses such as the NASDAQ etc.

With the encouragement of foreign direct investment inflows into India there has been a liberalization of the Indian taxation scheme, the Government of India has come forward with ways to ensure that non-residents abroad make investments in India which is imperative for the long term growth of the economy. Special tax provisions are enacted in the statue to encourage the foreign investment through special tax concession and incentives.

This interplay of domestic and international taxes incident on companies and individuals often results in complex situations. Converging on an optimum solution requires taking a holistic view on the “total” tax impact rather than a country specific examination.