Special Audits & Assessments

India is a developing nation, plagued with problems of illiteracy, malnutrition, low human health index, women’s empowerment, slow infrastructure development etc. Organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, Action Aid etc. in conjunction with the developed countries of the world give aid to India for such projects ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth.

The donor often requires the agency receiving aid to be responsible for the achievement of the social cause within established budgets and processes for their use. An evaluation of the performance of the organization against these is made mandatory.

We examine and review the standards set not only in terms of the achievability of the monetary targets but also in terms of the actual deliverables of the entity in terms of social cause achieved. Thus the audit conducted by us goes beyond the conventional audit, which merely involves a scrutiny of financial transactions and books of accounts.

The firm’s fundamental objective in undertaking such audits is to contribute to the inclusive growth envisaged by the Donor Agencies for a better India.