Social Audits

Social Audits is a process of evaluation and reporting which is similar, in some respects to a financial audit but focuses on social performance rather than financial performance. It is a tool for evaluating how satisfactorily an organization has discharged its social responsibility .Social Audit is a reform tool aimed at strengthening accountability and transparency in the implementation of projects and policies. It is a method for organization to plan the internal and external consequences of the organization’s social and commercial operations.

We, conduct our audit in a way so as to fulfill both, financial reporting and social responsibility. Our audit not only focuses on financial records and their scrutiny but it is much more holistic which involves measuring, understanding, and improving the social performance of the organization as a whole. We ensure transparency, reduce leakages, force proper spending of funds, generate trust and peace, and create demand-led improvement in services

We understand and co-relate the concept of corporate social responsibility with our audit engagement to establish a basis of credibility, confidence, and trust in the eyes of the stakeholders, management, and society.