SocioConnect Assurance

The SocioConnect services offered by the Firm aim to supplement the conventional audit to help government departments, public agencies and NGOs, corporate entities etc. to understand and improve their performance as perceived by the stakeholders in the social context.

In a developing nation, such as India, plagued with problems of illiteracy, malnutrition, low human health index, women’s empowerment, slow infrastructure development etc. Organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, Action Aid etc. in conjunction with the developed countries of the world give aid to India for such projects ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth.

Social auditing is a way to document and hold a company accountable for its social and ethical business practices. It is a process of understanding, measuring, reporting, and most importantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the local governance. It is also a way to assure the donor  agencies granting the aid of the achievement of the social cause within established budgets and processes.