Statutory Assurance

The Regulatory framework in India, coupled with a dynamic business environment has caused the role of an auditor to become vital.

In India, there co-exist a number of special diversified corporate and non corporate entities such as sole proprietorship, partnership firm, LLP, AOP, BOI, trust, non-profit organization, co-operative societies, charitable, educational and religious institutions. All these organizations are regulated under various statutory enactments, which require financial assurance and certification.

The complexity of the regulatory environment coupled with risks faced by such organisations calls for the need for greater transparency in disclosures, stricter liability and accountability of executives and operational management towards the stakeholders.

In such an environment of competitive pressures and increased attention to Corporate Governance the importance of Statutory Assurance is has enhanced.

Our team is insightful to the needs of such organizations and uses its expertise ensuring adherence with the provisions of applicable laws and their certifications.