Assurance Services

Globalization of the Indian economy has been a key driver in the harmonization of accounting practices. The challenges of international competition and ever increasing complexity of information flows have widened the financial, operational, economic and business risks faced by companies. Competitive pressures and increased attention to corporate governance has enhanced the importance of enterprise risk assurance function. With increasing regulatory requirements, disclosure norms and the need for greater transparency in operations, stakeholders’ require assurance beyond the traditional critique of number. The shareholders have become more sophisticated, aware and demand greater transparency and uniformity in presentation of financial statements making Assurance a necessity.

Reengineering and deregulation have broken down the traditional hierarchical structures making organizations more flat, changing the organizational reporting relationships and management responsibilities. The dynamic environment of organizations has made reporting and businesses processes more complex making Management Assurance integral, to ensure best practices are implemented and followed.

We provide assurance services both to regulators and to managements’ to enable our clients to ensure adherence to best practices and comply with the regulatory requirements. We are committed to the highest professional ethics, standards, and principles.