In a country where infrastructure is a key driver of growth and an important pillar for sustainable development, S.R. Dinodia & Co.LLP works in tandem with our clients engaged in the construction of roads, railways, housing & commercial real-estate, generation of power and undertake heavy engineering services in related infrastructure developments including exploration of gas, mineral oils, power generation etc.

S.R. Dinodia works with companies providing energy through traditional and alternative energy sources to navigate today’s challenges, including the changing fuel mix, supply distribution and access issues, efforts to de-carbonize energy generation and commodity cost volatility.

We work across market and regulatory cycles to develop and help implement strategies that will deliver results across a dynamic regulatory environment, reducing litigation, improving process inefficiencies and building transparency in disclosures.

We Service:

  • Construction
  • Real-Estate
  • Power & Electricity
  • Oil & Gas
  • Cement
  • Ship Broking
  • Heavy engineering
  • Refineries