Firm’s Initiative

In organizations it is entirely possible for people to have worked with each other for years, but have never actually met in person. At  S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP. we believe that a true team is one which is integrated into the lives of each one of us in all situations.

Our initiatives provide a platform bringing together the teams in the different service verticals, to share knowledge, to interact on the games field, on the dance floor and in all CSR initiatives enabling people to find their true team spirit!

The firm believes that, “gyan ek aisi punji hai to batney se badhti hai” in line with this the Firm established a special team for the dissemination of Knowledge. This team conducts regular in-house seminars on relevant topics from time to time.

Our TeamConnect initiatives allows for people to share their ideas and talents other than their tax, auditing, and consulting skills.

At the firm we play cricket and badminton matches where everyone can spread their wings and participate whether it is to hit sixes, bowl spins, make the shuttle swing or cheer like crazyyy!

We burn the dance floor in our annual October party after the stressful time of September deadlines! Our Human Resources team believes there is good in each one of us “sab mein hai kuch khas baat” and organizes a talent hunt!

SocioConnect is not only a service we render to our clients, but also a philosophy we believe in at the Firm. We participate in many empowerment programmes through the year with different organizations.

As a latest initiative by the Firm, the knowledge team has spread its wings further and started a blog called  connect through which it aims to adopt a pro-active approach to disseminate knowledge and share expert views.

All our initiatives are to spread knowledge and to establish camaraderie that will go a long way!