S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP.  seeks people who can help us grow into one of the finest  professional  service  organizations  in the business world. We offer value-added services that make a perceptible impact  in today’s business. We believe  that our focus on client satisfaction, up-gradation of knowledge and investment in information technology will enable us to achieve our goals.

Why join us?

We challenge our people to  learn  more,  look  deeper  and  offer  them  knowledge and  training  to  help  them  learn something new everyday. We encourage them to have high aspirations and  create  a  customized  career  graph.  We believe in creating a supportive and diverse workplace and are a merit based equal opportunity employer. We offer a variety of services, so we are looking for a variety of people – individuals who can bring new perspectives to existing scenarios. Bright…Creative thinkers…Challenge seekers.

Our recruiting standards are high with a strong emphasis on practical work experience, academic achievements, an agile mind, professional commitment and good interpersonal written and oral communication skills.


Due to our ambitious growth plan, we are constantly in search of motivated people. Requirements are varied in nature but Chartered Accountants, ACCAs, Company Secretaries, Certified Information Systems Auditors, Certified US GAAP Experts, Law Graduates, Management Graduates and Commerce Graduates are preferred backgrounds.

Outstanding academic record, thorough knowledge of modern Assurance / Taxation / Regulatory / Transaction Advisory practices, good personality & communication skills are pre-requisites.

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