S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP. was established in April 1952 as a tax litigation and advisory firm. It has since expanded  to  cover  a wide array of tax,  assurance,  corporate  and  other  financial  advisory  services. It has   consistently  ranked  amongst  the  top professional advisory firms in India and has a well established reputation for delivering quality and service to its clients.

The evolution of S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP. is characterized by its focus in the early years of  the  practice  on  taxation  services  to corporates  and   individuals, then in the  early 1970’s through innovation and consolidation  the  focus  of  the   firm  shifted  from personal taxation to  corporate  taxation.  The  decade  of  the  1980’ s   to  the new  millennium  saw   new opportunities,  initiatives and challenges,  the  firm  expanded  into  auditing.  The  size  of  the  Firm rapidly  increased  with  the  economy booming  and  globalization  which led to  the   hiring   of   skilled   professionals  and  a   expanding   the  practice.  With  the liberalization  of the Indian economy, at the  turn of  the  century  the  corporate  and  financial advisory divisions  were  added,  focusing on newer areas like Mergers and Acquisitions, De-mergers,  Transfer  Pricing etc. The New Millennium also brought with it the need to build global partnerships, the Firm recognized that change  in  this  sphere  would  be imperative  for  its growth and  survival in the  face of competition, giving the firm the  ability to compete   globally.  Thus,   the  firm  increased  its  cross  border  reach and  maintain  its independence yet giving it the global edge to enable it to service its clients on a global platform.