At S.R. Dinodia & Co. LLP, we are continuously looking for avenues to assimilate value added knowledge, for our people, for our clients and for the society as a whole. We aim to alloy a perfect blend of professionalism with high standards of service, in our pursuit of excellence.

In pursuit of our effort, we consistently adhere to our values and our mission, of adding value to every responsibility endowed upon us. In an era, which is a metamorphosis of the old and new, where the only thing remaining constant is change, we have, and will continue to fulfill our promise of value added professional services.


S.R.Dinodia & Co. LLP. Chartered Accountants, is a member of IAPA, which is one of the world's top 10 associations of audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms in the world. S.R.Dinodia & Co. LLP, through IAPA is membership of some 210 independently owned firms in more than 70 countries across all continents, provides for its clients Global Support with Local Knowledge.